About Us

Welcome to PUREST ORGANICS. A place where only the best is good enough. After years of research and development we have produced a range of skincare and haircare products that have the finest 100% organic ingredients which are ethically sourced. We are a not-for-profit company trading under the Purest Organics Project.

Our Unique Pricing Structure

Here at Purest Organics, we are constantly renewing and developing our spiritual practices. Our long term goal is to make our health beneficial products available to all; to those who have more or to those who have less.

Our unique pricing structure is designed for our customer to think and feel from the heart. Using your heart structure is a positive action and will suppress the negative energy that the money system is designed for. The amount each particular customer is able to pay for a product differs greatly – you are paying from the heart when you pay what you can for a product which you value.

Pay From Your Heart

We love to spread positive vibrational energy and help others to raise their consciousness. Not only do our products help us to channel this process by being chemical free and organically sourced, but our pay from the heart structure is also an important step in increasing the consciousness and vibrational energy of our customers.

The age-old sayings “you reap what you sow” and “what goes around, comes around” really goes a long way in defining our pricing structure. If you continuously give from the heart (and not for personal wealth or gain), then the things that manifest in your life will surely be given to you from the heart also, which subsequently raises the vibration for all concerned.

You Reap What You Sow

Our Mission

Nature has all the elements for every type of healing needed by us. Purest Organics’ mission is to have natural products accessible to all. We don’t believe that our customers should be charged a premium for products that are chemical-free and are not processed. Please support us on our journey and we can all make a change together. Much love!


Step One

Choose the product you wish to purchase.


Step Three

Go to the checkout and complete your ‘from the heart’ order.


Step Two

Enter the amount you wish to pay…using your heart.


Step Four

Continue to spread positive, vibrational energy from your heart in your everyday life and enjoy the rewards it brings you!

Our Inspiration

Spiritual teachers, Marina Jacobi and Joe Pena, have inspired us greatly in how we go about our everyday lives; from our vegan life style, meditation practices, and positive thinking and doing. It can be challenging adhering to these everyday actions with the hurdles of negativity that are placed in our path each day but, as Marina and Joe advise, always thank the universe for the negative thoughts (never reject them) and move on to a higher vibrational, positive thought process.

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